Raising a Writer

Live to Write - Write to Live

playwright           My middle child is a playwright.

If I were a responsible parent, I’d probably discourage her from pursuing a career in the arts, unless she were to go into arts management, where she could be regularly underpaid instead of intermittently so. Because face it: as much as we lionize successful artists in our culture, we don’t do much to support them on their way. And by “successful” we usually mean wealthy and/or famous, preferably both.

But as a writer who deferred my own writing for a large segment of my life, I’m encouraging my daughter to arrange her life so that she can capture the stories that rattle through her head. This may be socially and financially risky, but I know the rage that comes from disregarding the voice, the gift.

If I do nothing else than tell her every day that what she has to say is important…

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