Leonardo Boff

Every religion, including Christianity, is multi-faceted. Besides being centered in God, it develops narratives about humanity’s paradoxical drama, creating meaning, an interpretation of reality, history, and the world.

An example is the legend of Saint George and his ferocious combat with the dragon, recounted in the previous article. In the first place, the dragon was a dragon, and consequently a snake. But it was a winged one, with an enormous mouth that belched fire, smoke, and a deadly odor.

In the West, the snake represents evil and the menacing world of darkness. In the East, the snake is a positive symbol, the national symbol of China, lord of the waters and fertility, (long). Among the Aztecs the feathered serpent (Quezalcoatl), is a positive symbol of their culture. To us Westerners, the dragon is always terrible and represents the threats to life or the harsh obstacles to survival. The poor say:…

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